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The Castle in the Sky

Axis Powers Hetalia Plurk Community

The Castle in the Sky~
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Fairies can be mischievous beings. They take interest in the strangest of things and cause trouble for unwary passer bys. Our story begins here, when a young curious little fairy finds a brand new, highly popular new virtual reality game. She saw many people playing, but believed that there could be ways to make it better. Gathering up all her friends, they would create the game anew with magic. The result was magnificent! The world seemed to come alive and even the inhabitants seemed to be more than just NPC’s. A completed work of art! There was just one thing missing: Players.

There were no others more qualified than the nations of each country. So they would deliver the game to each of the nations houses, leaving it in a place they knew that they would look and waited for them to test it. However, what they thought to be a perfect game would turn against them. Anyone who picked up this game…was stuck until they beat the game. What’s worse is that with the Fairy magic infused, the players would get a wish at the end. They could use the wish to get home of course, but when faced with this sort of thing…could it not also be used for personal gain? Welcome to the game.

The world of Alvari is a stunning place filled with magic and mystery. Everywhere you can possibly travel holds something of interest. Humans and mythical beasts interact on a constant basis. Whether it is on friendly terms or warring. Players will always find a source of adventure in this dangerous world.

But the most mysterious of all is the legendary castle in the sky. They say it’s the place of dreams, where magic is raw and untamed. It’s halls even littered with treasures untold! Many have set out to find this place and have turned up unlucky. Some even go so far as to say it doesn’t exist. But it still does not stop people from casting a hopeful glance to the skies to see if they can steal a peak.

In this castle of dreams, it is said anything can happen. Won’t you come look for it too?

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