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07 September 2010 @ 10:57 pm
Plurk Profile Requirements  
So you've been accepted to the community, what next, is what you think? Fear not. This guide will help you to add what you need and what you can do for your Plurk profile.

The first thing you need to do (after being accepted) is to create a Plurk account here. Plurk is similar to Twitter, where you update things on a timeline, but unlike Twitter, another user can comment back on your update and thus makes it more organized and easier to keep things updated. Try to make your url similar to your character (not a requirement, but it's a nice twist of fun).

Now, add an icon (by clicking the image at the bottom) to what your character in the game should look like. If you need an idea of what your character should look like, look at other user's profiles for inspiration.

These are the requirements, you MUST have these!

Go to the top left to the word Edit and edit:

*Plurk display name: to your country
If you are a genderbend country, make sure you have the appropriate sign before your name

*Date of Birth: find your country's day of independence, Wikipedia is your friend.
Try to keep the age similar to your character's appearance, or to canon

*About yourself:
  YOUR COUNTRY NAME @ aphskycastle
  YOUR LIVE-JOURNAL NAME @ live-journal

Prussia @ aphskycastle
aelinial @ live-journal

*Country: to your country from the drop down menu
If you are a genderbend country, for the region, select the option of: I can't find my region, I'll type it down below to the Island you are part of, and then for city, type the city your nation is from by selecting the same option, keep the country the same to your country you are mirroring

There are many ways to edit your profile to make it pretty to look at, either by googling for CSS codes already made, or by searching for simple CSS codes you can copy/paste in Customize Profile option in the edit menu. Occasionally, myself (aledrina ) will open requests for profile customization to your liking.