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07 September 2010 @ 10:52 pm
The Gender Bend List & Plot  
Gender Bend Plot

During the process of absorbing nations into the game, an error occurred, which created excess data in the process. The excess data created bonded with the Fairy’s magic and created the game world’s own nations based off the originals “layout”. The main glitch in the creation of these almost-replicas is the reversed gender of each new nation.

Since becoming a part of the game, they lead normal lives – the game is their home and they are oblivious of the outside world. To them, they are normal and the original nations are the oddities, their world is reality and the original nations’ world is the fake one. They are “viruses” of the game, their creation entirely accidental.


This list is for the characters that are gender swapped. You may make a reservation in a comments below. You have one week to apply in the Auditions post!





♀Hong Kong


♀South Italy
♀Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

North America:



♀New Zealand
♂Principality of Wy