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07 September 2010 @ 10:45 pm
The World and Cities  


The island of Falena is of a mild climate. It rains a lot here, so there are lots of swamps and bogs. Vegetation flourishes with the rain.

The city of Nenya is located deep in the jungle, far away from civilization. Since it is not as advanced, the creatures of the jungle play important roles in the city. Beast tamers have important roles taming the beasts to help with daily tasks. The people are rather primitive, but there are some exceptions to this of course...

Ainur is a city located in the middle of swamplands. It is located on a series of islands, connected to one another by bridges. It did not start off very big, but as the population grew, they began to expand out onto docks. About a half of the population lives on the docks. The houses themselves are pretty shabby, built light to make sure they weren’t putting too much stress on the docks. The only way to get here is by boat.

Krio is the oldest port in the world of Alvari. It is made up of buildings from ancient times, as well as some slightly more modern buildings. This infusion of old and new have attracted many adventurers to the port as tourists, so it is always very crowded. It is also the largest port in the world, so one is bound to find many ships, from large ocean liners to small fishing boats.

The Royal City of Falena, Atla, is renowned for its scholars and giant libraries. The huge white palace sitting in the centre of the city is filled with scholars from all over Alvari, and much knowledge is traded in this city.

The Mages Guild
The home of powerful magic located on the outskirts of Atla. Mages from all over congregate here in search of knowledge. The building itself rivals that of the palace in both size and beauty. Inside is every bit as grand. High ceilings, stain glass windows… Everything in the building is even run by magic and it is a very convenient place to be. Many people seek to become mages just to be able to walk it’s halls everyday.

But by far the most sought out room in this grand building is the largest library in all of Alvari. It houses many books both about magic and the world. It is a MASSIVE library that spans about six floors and is jam packed with books on all sorts of subjects. It is open to the public, so it is very busy.

People wishing to recruit mages also come here in hopes of finding one for their party.


The island of Gris is a unique place. Large mountains take up much of the island, leaving only one large grassy plain in the very center. This is the only place for the inhabitants of this island to get out into the sunlight. Almost all of their festivals are held in this field.

The actual city itself is carved right into the mountains themselves by the dwarves who live here. Day by day they dig, mining the city for precious ores and gems and to expand the city. Normally, the caves would be pitch black, but the dwarves here have a deal with the mermaids of Yarlon. In exchange for precious gems they might find, the mermaids provide them with lighting in the form of the crystals that line the Erressea caves.

Naturally the best black smiths live here. Dwarf craftsmanship is unrivaled by anyone. Bring them rare ores from different regions and you might just get a grand weapon! Just be careful not to offend them! Dwarves are prideful people and they don’t like to forget injustices.

The largest city in the world. All sorts of people gather here, from pirates to knights to simple common folk.

The Treasure Hunters Guild
Treasure hunters from all over gather here to share and discuss information on finds. Located on the outskirts of Pho. If you hear a rumor, it has probably come out of here. The treasure hunters guild is very posh and extravagant, the guild owner being a very rich man from his old hunting days. This is a useful place to go if you need leads on hunts that provide a lot of loot, or locations rumored to have treasure. Or even leads on the elusive castle in the sky!


Sorenia is home to the coldest place in the game. The mountains of Calacirya. While this place is snowy year round with its high peaks, the rest of the island is pretty tropical, hosting a jungle in the far south where the Koral ruins are currently located.

Koral Ruins
Old capital of Sorenia. After a tsunami devastated this region, it was abandoned by its people and is now a monster’s haven. Only the bravest dare venture here. But maybe there are secrets from the past buried here?

The Mercenary Guild
This guild was once just a simple campsite where mercenaries used to gather, but has now evolved into an entire town. Situated on the western edge of the Koral ruins, one must pass through this town to get in from the western side. If you need aid on any sorts of missions, stopping here would be your best bet to find someone. For a price, of course.

One of the strongest and most diverse guilds. But despite this, there is nothing really of note here. ((You may only join this guild when you hit level 20. However, you may be in another guild along with this one.))

The largest Port City in Sorenia which boasts the largest market in the world. People from all over the world come here to buy all the rare items that pass through here and also to catch up on the gossip of happenings both local and over seas.

Sister city of Kario. But known for it's high level of pirate activity. Lots of shady dealings can be found here. Lots of rumors can also be heard, but many are just that. Rumors told by shady men to throw off pursuers of the castle. But if one manages to see through the deceit, they may find a gold mine of information.

The imperial city of Arenia is also known as the white city, both for its snow and its white buildings. Majestic and proud, this city lays at the base of Mount Calacirya and catches lots of snow. Naturally, being a capital city, it is the largest city on the island.

A town made up of trees as old as the world, people have taken advantage of their height and size and made colonies in them. Rope bridges connecting trees suspend over tens of thousands of feet from the ground, and protection magic runs through these trees, protecting the townsfolk from the creatures that prowl beneath on the forest floor.

Serinde is the the frosty city that sits upon the beautiful mountain Calacirya. It is a poor city that struggles to make ends meet in the harsh climate.

The Misty Isles
Do not adventure near the misty isles adventurers will tell you. You will never return! People who dare to adventure close enough get lost with in the fog and have never been heard from again. But some brave souls still attempt it…Just becareful, for the water around the isles is shallow and rocky! They say the sea around the islands are haunted and the islands themselves cursed…

These isles are the undead’s resting place. Any who dare to disturb them best be prepared. However, it is said that the isles are a treasure hunter’s delight. Riches beyond compare are here…but do not think it will be so easy to attain. The souls of the misty isles do not take kindly to visitors, let alone thieves. Amongst the ruins of a once strong and proud empire, lays many secrets and traps.

If you can make it through these obstacles, you might just be awarded greatly. But adventurer, do not be too greedy! Remember those shallow waters? Weigh your ship down too much and it will be all over for you…


The island of Yarlon is the hottest of the three islands. From tropical areas in the west, to the desert in the east. If one wants hot weather, you picked the right place.

Re Xue
An imposing volcano rises on the northern side of Yarlon, casting its dark shadow over the hot spring resort of Re Xue, or Hot Blood. The resort city is named for its spring water, dyed crimson with minerals and running warm due to the volcano's proximity. It is entirely cast into shadow by late afternoon as the sun hides behind the volcano. During this time, red lantern globes hung around the city are lit up, and offer some illumination during the dark evening. Cherry blossom trees are scattered throughout the resort, lending a distinctly oriental aura to the area.

A seemingly endless span of dust-covered land where temperatures soar, it is ill suggested for exploring. Those who dare enter, however, may come across more than just barren land.

Sindar City is the only place of rest consisting of mostly mud brick housing and centered on a lonely oasis, a battered town, sparsely populated due to the sandstorms.

The largest port town on the West Coast of Yarlon. Famous for its fishing community. Many of the sailors speak of odd experiences they have at sea here trying to make sense of it.

Bayt Lya
A northern peninsula surrounded by the Kya Sea. A resort town is located here. People come here to escape the hustle and bustle of their gaming life. Lots of festivals are held here.

Vaire is a lovely town with wonderful scents wafting through the streets at all times. You see, Vaire is known for it’s exquisite restaurants and wonderful location, just a few miles away from Bayt Lya. Cooking battles often happen here. The winners usually can win rare food items that increase their stats if they come out the victors!

The city of Istari is large and expansive, having long expanded so much on it’s Original Island, that it had to build bridges to the other islands surrounding it to expand more. It is a beautiful city, made mostly of stone buildings. Water is everywhere in this city, whether it is running through channels or coming through fountains, it is clearly an important thing in this town. Because of the great Teleri River that spans from one side of the island from the other, it makes this town a stop for lots of ships. Merfolk who chose not to live in the dark of Eressea also choose to live here amongst the humans.

But this city is truly renowned for it’s faith. The great Chapel that stands in the very center of the city towers majestically over everything else. White Mages from all over flourish here with the healing element of water completely at their disposal. It is a peaceful city, carefully guarded by guilds from all over.

Narzak is the capital of Yarlon, situated on the outskirts of the Sindarin desert. This hot city is lively and festive and highly decorative. The grand palace itself is so large, that it can be seen from anywhere in the city.

Houses are similar to those in Sindar city, mud brick, but much more elaborate, some even having second and third stories.

The Knights Guild
Located just out side Narzak lays the knights guild. Powerful melee fighters of all kinds come here to train and gain information on hunts and other things. The building itself looks rather out of place amongst all the mud brick housing considering it is fashioned much like a Roman temple.

People from all over may seek refuge here for protection against beasts and pirates. If you need a bodyguard, this is the best place to look for one!

But the main reason people come here is for the battle arena. Whether it is to watch or fight, it always draws crowds from all over.

Beneath and around the city of Alio using one of the caves as an entrance, if one were to dive beneath the water they may discover the Underwater Eressea Cave System. A rocky labyrinth with many hidden secrets it is a dangerous place for exploring but a very alluring adventure.

If one ventures in far enough, they would stumble upon a hidden city. It is a dim city, illuminated by a special sort of crystal that glows. Strong magic keeps the caves from filling with water so landfolk may thrive here if they could adjust to a life without sunlight. The most prominent race in the city however, are merpeople.


The island where many mythical beings call their home. Some live in peace with humans, but others are locked in war.

The jewel of civilisation on Ciryon, it is a bustling casino resort along the east coast, with much traffic coming to and fro. It is renowned for its glamorous casinos and dark underbelly, for this is where the Thieves' Guild lies. Swindlers and pickpockets are rife in the streets and even in the resort itself, so hold on to your valuables, lest they wander off into nimble hands.

The Thief's Guild
Home of piracy and located near the port of Eridite. You better be careful walking the halls of this shady place. The building itself is actually quite small and disguised as a saloon. But if you have the ‘key’ you will be allowed to pass into the underground area of the saloon. The tunnels beneath the saloon spread out across the entire city of Eridite, making it easy for criminals to escape the law should they be pursued. Some even go outside the city to a secret port where Pirates are allowed to hide their ships and smuggle goods in and out of the city. But you better not jeopardize the guild. If they think you might, you might find yourself walking the plank by the misty isles!

Faelin is a place not easily reached. One must traverse through wild land and survive through strong beasts. A dragon’s nesting area is nearby as well, which makes for angry dragons if one trespasses and is caught. But it is worth the danger to reach this enchanted spot. Magic is so thick in this place that it can be seen with the naked eye. Because of the strong magic here, the plants around here have all over grown and become large. Larger than humans even!

The fairy’s made their home in large fragrant flowers. They are a shy race for the most part and will hide upon first sighting of an outsider, but once they get over the initial shock, one will find this race to be quite sociable and friendly. Just never make a fairy angry. They might be friendly, but they have short tempers and hate to be taken advantage of!

Between a mountain and a river lies a majestic waterfall. Its daunting height doesn't deter the colourful carp below from leaping at the falls, creating rumors about a legend... that the carp that reaches the top transforms into a graceful dragon. The Oriental dragons that make the waterfall their home only add to the rumors. Nearby is the village of Dragon Tamers, where a small colony of winged dragons serve as pets and mounts, which has caused the Western and Eastern dragons to mix, producing a whole new breed with traits of both. There isn't need to fear to tread in Tahlisk, the dragons are mostly passive, and the mixed dragons are exceptionally friendly.

The small town of Anarion is gloomy and full of mourning and sadness, for it is the town where many bury their loved ones at. The people living here specialise in the burying of the dead, and one can find many shops dealing with funerals and various burial grounds surrounding it. People walk the streets dressed in black and usually keep their heads low as they walk, mourning for their loved ones. Buildings of the town have silver talismans hanging above the door, to ward off restless spirits that haunt the town at night, while many shops close before dusk. One is never encouraged to go out at night because of what encounters he might face with the spirits.

At first glance, the city of Ekkaia looks very deserted in the daytime. But when night falls, the city brims with life with various spirits, demons and supernatural beings. This is their city, but they do welcome humans. At the centre of the city is a large bath house where spirits and humans are both invited to rest and relax. There are many strange and rare goods only sold here in the markets, and these may either bring blessings or curses, since some mischievious demons and spirits love to trick humans.

Saerros, the underground empire of the dark elves. Many humans have gone in, only to find it difficult to escape from its inhabitants, as they are very very different from their light counterparts. Saerros is also renowned for its great knowledge of black magic, although it is extremely hard to be let into the dark schools of magic here. Humans are strongly advised to stay away though, for the dark elves do not like them very much.