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07 September 2010 @ 10:42 pm
The Guilds List  
Welcome to the Guild Affiliate list! Please keep in mind that every guild accepts hunts. The type just varies depending on which one you choose. From time to time, the mods and admins will be placing up hunt notices for guilds. So think very hard on which guild you choose!

The Theif's Guild

People interested in their own gain and not all that concerned with the laws society placed upon them. Not all of them are bad or evil, some are just more concerned with striking it rich by any means.

But don't be so quick to toss these guys out! They have a skill that everyone will want at one point in the game...The ability to steal items from monsters. Highly sought out by parties so they might get necessary materials off monsters to create strong potions, weapons and armor. To create the best of these items, you will definitely need a person from this guild!

The knights Guild

Noble people who protect the people from any threat. They take on many jobs ranging from being a body guard to hunting down fiends.

The treasure hunters Guid

Those who seek adventure no matter what the pay off. Found far and wide across the lands, these folk pay special attention to myths and set out to find legendary treasures. Merchants are closely tied with these people. They sometimes work with Knights, Pirates and Mercenaries depending on the tasks.

Mercenaries Guild

People who can belong to any category. This is the place to go to find out about hunts and other happenings in the world. While there may hunts posted in the other guilds, this is the place to find those rare quests. Only the powerful are allowed in this guild.

(Level 20 exclusive, but you may belong to any other guild along with this one once you achieve Level 20 status.)
Mages Guild

People who wield strong magical powers. Highly sought out by parties, especially the white mages.


People who are just regular players not affiliated with any guild. However, they may join one at a later time.