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07 September 2010 @ 10:58 pm
This list is for the characters as they appear in the series. You may make a reservation in a comment below. You have one week to apply in the Auditions post!


You MUST add these moderating accounts to your Plurk:
aphskycastle aphskycastleco

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07 September 2010 @ 10:57 pm
So you've been accepted to the community, what next, is what you think? Fear not. This guide will help you to add what you need and what you can do for your Plurk profile.

The first thing you need to do (after being accepted) is to create a Plurk account here. Plurk is similar to Twitter, where you update things on a timeline, but unlike Twitter, another user can comment back on your update and thus makes it more organized and easier to keep things updated. Try to make your url similar to your character (not a requirement, but it's a nice twist of fun).

Now, add an icon (by clicking the image at the bottom) to what your character in the game should look like. If you need an idea of what your character should look like, look at other user's profiles for inspiration.

These are the requirements, you MUST have these!

Go to the top left to the word Edit and edit:

*Plurk display name: to your country
If you are a genderbend country, make sure you have the appropriate sign before your name

*Date of Birth: find your country's day of independence, Wikipedia is your friend.
Try to keep the age similar to your character's appearance, or to canon

*About yourself:
  YOUR COUNTRY NAME @ aphskycastle
  YOUR LIVE-JOURNAL NAME @ live-journal

Prussia @ aphskycastle
aelinial @ live-journal

*Country: to your country from the drop down menu
If you are a genderbend country, for the region, select the option of: I can't find my region, I'll type it down below to the Island you are part of, and then for city, type the city your nation is from by selecting the same option, keep the country the same to your country you are mirroring

There are many ways to edit your profile to make it pretty to look at, either by googling for CSS codes already made, or by searching for simple CSS codes you can copy/paste in Customize Profile option in the edit menu. Occasionally, myself (aledrina ) will open requests for profile customization to your liking.
07 September 2010 @ 10:52 pm
Gender Bend Plot

During the process of absorbing nations into the game, an error occurred, which created excess data in the process. The excess data created bonded with the Fairy’s magic and created the game world’s own nations based off the originals “layout”. The main glitch in the creation of these almost-replicas is the reversed gender of each new nation.

Since becoming a part of the game, they lead normal lives – the game is their home and they are oblivious of the outside world. To them, they are normal and the original nations are the oddities, their world is reality and the original nations’ world is the fake one. They are “viruses” of the game, their creation entirely accidental.


This list is for the characters that are gender swapped. You may make a reservation in a comments below. You have one week to apply in the Auditions post!


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07 September 2010 @ 10:48 pm
1) No fighting or flaming.
Meaning if you have a complaint about another user, please contact an admin and we will do our best to resolve it. Flaming should be obvious, but no getting on anybody’s case about what pairings they like or how they choose to role-play. We are doing this for fun! And this is Hetalia. Any pairing can happen depending on a person’s preference.

Please be mindful of nationality. We have people from all over the world. Picking on other characters is all well and fine, just be TASTEFUL.

2) Be literate!
I cannot stress this enough! You must be able to spell and use punctuation!

3) No chat speaking!
We are literate folks! General terms in ooc are exempt. Examples being: Lol or Brb.

4) Before you can role-play, applications must be accepted.

5) You may have two characters.
But before you may have a second, you must have a post count of 135. But we are not accepting OCs!

6) You must post with in two weeks
We would prefer you post as frequently as possible, but we realize stuff arises such as life and writers block. But if you do not post with in the two weeks mark, we will open your character back up again. We will be strict with this rule. It hinders people who want to role-play with a certain character when they don’t get freed up again after a long period of time.

If you are going on Hiatus, this rule extends to a month unless you specify that you shall be gone longer.

I expect you to keep up with your posts. I will not be sending warnings out to remind you. I have other things to do. So if I see you have not posted in the specified time frame, your character will be opened and a note will be posted on plurk. You may reclaim your character if nobody has reserved them! Just comment in the character list.

7) For OOC chatter, please post in the designated moderator chat.
This is to avoid spamming everyone with OOC plurks.

8) Leveling up
You start off at level one. After ten plurks, you will be level 2. To get to level 3, you will need twenty plurks. Just keep adding ten more each time. Please note that these are YOUR plurks. Not those that you respond to.

Rules Concerning Genderbends

1) The original nation may not claim their counter part.
Example: England may not be Fem!England

2) Keep in mind they are from the game
When thinking of their likes and dislikes, keep in mind the setting. While their personalities will be SIMILAR to their counter part, there should be differences. Take America's love for hamburgers. It is not something commonly found in the game, so Fem!America should have a love for another sort of food. If you have read these rules, please put Nyotalia at the end of your application for your gender bended character.

Despite this they should retain the major points of the character!

3) They are made in the nation's image, but are not countries.
The gender bended characters are actual people in the game. The data and the magic fusing together has brought them to life. They have their own thoughts and feelings. They believe they are real beings.

4) When you come to place of origin on the application, please check and select a home town from the cities list.

5) Gender bended nations may open shops in towns.
Please put your shop in your profile on plurk.
07 September 2010 @ 10:47 pm
Fairies can be mischievous beings. They take interest in the strangest of things and cause trouble for unwary passer bys. Our story begins here, when a young curious little fairy finds a brand new, highly popular new virtual reality game. She saw many people playing, but believed that there could be ways to make it better. Gathering up all her friends, they would create the game anew with magic. The result was magnificent! The world seemed to come alive and even the inhabitants seemed to be more than just NPC’s. A completed work of art! There was just one thing missing: Players.

There were no others more qualified than the nations of each country. So they would deliver the game to each of the nations houses, leaving it in a place they knew that they would look and waited for them to test it. However, what they thought to be a perfect game would turn against them. Anyone who picked up this game…was stuck until they beat the game. What’s worse is that with the Fairy magic infused, the players would get a wish at the end. They could use the wish to get home of course, but when faced with this sort of thing…could it not also be used for personal gain? Welcome to the game.

The world of Alvari is a stunning place filled with magic and mystery. Everywhere you can possibly travel holds something of interest. Humans and mythical beasts interact on a constant basis. Whether it is on friendly terms or warring. Players will always find a source of adventure in this dangerous world.

But the most mysterious of all is the legendary castle in the sky. They say it’s the place of dreams, where magic is raw and untamed. It’s halls even littered with treasures untold! Many have set out to find this place and have turned up unlucky. Some even go so far as to say it doesn’t exist. But it still does not stop people from casting a hopeful glance to the skies to see if they can steal a peak.

In this castle of dreams, it is said anything can happen. Won’t you come look for it too?
07 September 2010 @ 10:42 pm
Welcome to the Guild Affiliate list! Please keep in mind that every guild accepts hunts. The type just varies depending on which one you choose. From time to time, the mods and admins will be placing up hunt notices for guilds. So think very hard on which guild you choose!

The Theif's Guild

People interested in their own gain and not all that concerned with the laws society placed upon them. Not all of them are bad or evil, some are just more concerned with striking it rich by any means.

But don't be so quick to toss these guys out! They have a skill that everyone will want at one point in the game...The ability to steal items from monsters. Highly sought out by parties so they might get necessary materials off monsters to create strong potions, weapons and armor. To create the best of these items, you will definitely need a person from this guild!

The knights Guild

Noble people who protect the people from any threat. They take on many jobs ranging from being a body guard to hunting down fiends.

The treasure hunters Guid

Those who seek adventure no matter what the pay off. Found far and wide across the lands, these folk pay special attention to myths and set out to find legendary treasures. Merchants are closely tied with these people. They sometimes work with Knights, Pirates and Mercenaries depending on the tasks.

Mercenaries Guild

People who can belong to any category. This is the place to go to find out about hunts and other happenings in the world. While there may hunts posted in the other guilds, this is the place to find those rare quests. Only the powerful are allowed in this guild.

(Level 20 exclusive, but you may belong to any other guild along with this one once you achieve Level 20 status.)
Mages Guild

People who wield strong magical powers. Highly sought out by parties, especially the white mages.


People who are just regular players not affiliated with any guild. However, they may join one at a later time.
04 September 2010 @ 08:57 pm

 Welcome to aphskycastle !
The Axis Powers Hetalia Plurk community! 

First time here? Need a quick link? Here are the important links you need to check and keep updated on.


The World || Guilds


Character List || Genderbend List

Application Auditions

Plurk Profile Requirements


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